Amsterdam population

Synthesized population based on Woningonderzoek Nederland (WoON) 2015, Onderzoek Verplaatsingen in Nederland (2011-2015) and the Buurt- and Wijk-kaarten from CBS (2014).

The population is created using Iterative Proportional Fitting algorithm.

The data set contains three resources:

  • adam_population, containing detailed information about each household
  • adam_population_ind, containing detailed information about each individual
  • hh_ind, containing a key that can be used to match individuals and households

Data and Resources

Additional Info

Field Value
Quality aspects Electricity, gas use, likelihood of owning a car and likelihood of having a wood stove are predicted based on the linear regression models (el, gas), multinomial logit models (car) or generalised linear models (wood heater) estimated on the Dutch Household Survey (WoON)
City Amsterdam